Mauve Mood

Gucci Fulham with braided handle in mauve for Spring 08

Interesting variation on Gucci’s popular Fulham model–patent leather in a grey/mauve colour that could almost be a neutral. I say almost because with the lighting these in-store alcoves are fitted with, it’s hard to really tell what hue is going to project in the light of day. Remind me of this when I’m buying that twelfth tube of red lipstick. What you see is often NOT what you get.

Hardware detail on the Gucci Fulham in mauve for spring 08

A nice touch is the versatile not too silver-not too gold hardware. It’s very ‘is it or isn’t it’ which makes the bag go a few extra miles in that arena also.

Having said that, I’d recommend that if you do opt to shell out the $1800 for this season’s Gucci–do it someplace that will give your money back to you (as opposed to the Boutiques that often take a ‘you-bought-it-three-minutes-ago—now-it’s-yours-sorry’ attitude). Just a thought in case that mauve mood is moodier in the light of day.

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