McQ: Alexander McQueen for Target

McQ for Target display in store

Frankly, McQ is a bit McBoring.

Feel like I’m writing a fast food jingle.
I mean, he’s quite capable (or rather his staff is) of fashioning some derivative ‘bridge’ collection for Target.
Well, he missed his Mark.

Behold, the two editorial pieces that I’d feature—

McQ Tattoo Blue Bustier for Target

Bustier Dress featuring a turquoise, white, sapphire and black logo print–okay, but how are you going to work it into your wardrobe?

(BEWARE….your friends (who know) will comment: “Wow, Shirley, isn’t that the dress for $79.99 that I saw at Target when I was returning my Toaster?” yesterday.)

McQueen for Target McQ Ebony Ruche top

I’d opt for the less conspicuous black ruched tank with minimal hardware as a ‘Separate’ and work that into your existing wardrobe.

The concept for these collections was for the designer to minimalize his signature looks and to diffuse them into mainstream collections that are affordable.

The problem is that when examining some of the recent (and, well, for me) anticipated offering I saw things that would have more been consistent with Proenza Schouler than with McQueen.

Is that slapdash or are they (Mc, Mr. P and Mr. S) becoming the Three Musketeers? Hard to say (worse to envision.) Save your money—BUY THAT TOASTER.

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