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McQueen Novak with Swarovski crystals

Alexander McQ puts those ruby slippers to shame…aka, Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore. In fact, we’re at the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair. Start clickin’ those heels. Mr. McQueen has done a delightful Swarovski crystal rendition of his own glass slipper (not to mention the matching Novak). Complete with the finishing touches that make your footwear worth that almost $2K price tag. Of course, as I am lucky to get one wear out of a pair of Blahniks without wedging a heel beween cobblestones–and the like–I will wait for the Target knockoff. Not so nice, but I won’t have to take that cyanide capsule when the heel falls off mid stride in my first twenty minutes breaking them in…or vice versa.

Check out SHOWstudio for a great commentary and pic. You go, girlfriends!

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One Response to “McQueen Novak with Swarovski crystals”

  1. Kikifromdownunder Says:

    I always think of McQueseen forist and foremost as a tailor. I like the glitter, but I fancy that it’s only more of that marketing shait that puts spin on the rest to sell. I think the accessory line is all fine and dandy, but the cutting is the mainstay of his craft.

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