McQueen Runway Bootie!

Per the YYC ‘Shoe Guru” Eddie Curtis at Bergdorf Goodman (Call him! he does more than just shoes….212-872-8940…which in this case is a good thing….)

McQueen Runway BootPhoto: Eddie Curtis, BDG

Okay, this looks more like a vase than a boot.

Yeah, it’s missing glass….and looks improbable—but, it looks pretty improbable as a shoe/boot, too.

Well, I think whoever the misogynist at McQueen is that conjured up this demonic design SHOULD be laced into a pair of them and forced to walk…oh, I’ll be kind.. ONE HOUR and two flights of stairs as penance. (Just wait until you see “his” next collection of flat, sensible shoes with arch support that will debut for Fall.)

Enough said.

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