Me Shot, You Shot, WE ALL GET Our Flu Shot

Me Shot, You Shot, WE ALL GET Our Flu Shot.
Oh Yeah. You can get these puppies all over town now.
I remember one year that they were scarcer on the ground than Birkins
at Duty Free.
Now everything from the Grocery store onward is inoculating in Florida.
(Can’t wait for the Shell Station to do it: Regular, Unleaded, H1N1)
Still, some are harder to acquire than others.
I was at Target and after filling out what seemed to be the Outline
for a segment on Biography,
they told me I’d need to wait an additional twenty minutes.
That seemed a bit odd since I’m paying for the flipping syringe
myself. No Insurance, Just me.
What did they want to do with the Volume of details I wrote–apply for
a mortgage? channel my mother psychically to see if she approved?
Hard to say.
Nix’ed that one.
Finally landed on the wrong square and wound up at my Primary care physician.
That’s a good way to blow a day.
He’s a nice enough guy, but could he wait in My Livingroom to see me
for a few hours just to even the score?
I’ll turn the television on Regis and have some back dated Magazines
from ’03-’06 just in case…..
The nurse was drawing enough blood (post Halloween) to give someone a
Now I’m waiting to find out if anyone would want it in the first place.
(Note to Japanese friends & lovers: Hey, I’m O+)
I feebly tossed in that I might be in the market for a shot (Whee, I
know how to have FUN)
BINGO (or ZINGO as the case may be)
I mean, I WAS in my quasi belted, vein poppin’ Glory anyway…..
she asked me a few key questions….
allergies to eggs…..
was I Robert Guillaume?
(actually ONLY sounded like that….she meant: do I
have-Guillain–Barré Syndrome….I think)
And well, now…..

eight hours later, I feel like poop
and you know, I am starting to look like “Benson”

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