Meet Ginger

Ginger the Pomeranian

Ah, shades of ‘Gilligan’s Island.’ I always wondered exactly what prompted ‘The Professor’ to go to Hawaii to begin with, let alone shell out for….’A THREE HOUR CRUISE’…..of course, you just never know about these Post Doc types. And, exactly HOW MANY trunks of clothing did Mrs. Howell require for wardrobe changes for those anticipated 90 Minutes??? But, I digress…..

Ginger amongst the pillows

While I initially felt “Ginger” should be renamed “Buffy” (as in the colour, not ‘The Vampire Slayer’)–after finally making her acquaintance, I think she indeed may be a ‘Ginger’ after all. She was born on August 3, 2007 (Go Leo!!!).


We still MISS YOU Mitzi.

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