Men’s Fragrances

Dubai has to top the list of places to track down men’s fragrances. Sorry, Italy.

Debenhams in the Mall of the Emirates

Seriously, YYC (in our never ending pursuit of knowledge for YOU!!) hit the Emirates Mall–no, not just for the INDOOR SKIING lessons–but we decided to ‘check out’ exactly what stocks the shelves of Brit Concessions: Harvey Nichols (be still my heart) and Debenham’s (Not even a pulse). Okay, for the rundown on the scent options for you guys–the selection is endless.

Race Car next to the Chanel Boutique, Dubai

Car themes seem to be really topping the list–of course, we were nearly run down by a matching set of orange Lamborghinis. Now, that’s the way to die. In any event, we found:
Corvette, Porsche (bullet shaped container), and Hummer (should be shaped like California’s Governor, but they didn’t get enough steroids). My college-aged son had promised his buddies that he would return with an ample supply of Ferrari–but alas, that was ostensibly only available at Harrods, London.

We also saw a wonderful ‘Havane’ fragrance in decanters shaped like a trio of Cuban cigars in a metal cigar case….and Smalto (which is a bit too similar in sound to Smegma for my comfort…you know, watch it as you attempt to open the bottle since the cheesy coating may have clamped it permanently closed).

Personally, I think they should discontinue the section and try stocking, ummmm, Dial? Irish Spring? Borax?

Of Note: YYC did spy bottles by Les Parfums de Rosine along with other hard to find fragrances at the Saks concession at the Burj Mall. That said, save your cash for a chess set. You must need it–a bargain at $400,000.00 US:

Chess in Dubai

  1. Stewart Wyatt
  2. Andrew Carnegie

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