Metro-Metro-Man, He wants to Be–‘A Metro-Man…’
Just when I was thinking that David Beckham was an anomaly, enter the world of yet another chorus of ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady.’

Now, I like a well groomed guy as well as the next gal. (Not that there aren’t a few times in life when the ungroomed is well, just FINE) Still, the thought of watching my husband put on his mascara in the morning may be just a bit too progressive for me.

Okay, IF he’s an Anchorman, Clown, Actor, Model….well, you would expect a drawer of some cosmetic bounty, but hey…..what if Mr. Yumyumcherry was a Doctor, Lawyer (we’ll leave out Indian Chief since technically he could indeed don ‘War Paint’). This could all be just a tad too precious. Yeah, I’m being sexist again.

We did warn you with our Harrod’s discovery of the Man Pen by Gaultier. Still, with Clinque sporting a line dedicated to the pursuit of male vanity, the rest can’t be far behind (at least if the Lauder company has anything to say about it).

I don’t want to spoil the party, but all those silicone gel bra inserts….well, they could be modified and on the horizon faster than I can type: ‘Gild the Lily…’ Whats a girl to do?

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