Minx nail coverings

Minx nail coverings. Think ‘press on linoleum for your fingernails’……

Minx nail coverings rainbow pattern selection

Okay, the idea is trendy and innovative. Minx offers nifty little dots and colours of foil that ordinary polish doesn’t achieve in affect. (See ‘Pink Cheeta’)….

Minx Nails pink pattern choices

My ‘nail tech’ (whatever the new politically correct term for manicurist is these days) claims that for $1250 the Minx instructor came to the salon (ostensibly with the heat lamp…whoopee) and taught the application of these babies to the participants who then received certification.

You get a sheet of pre-shaped (trust me, none will fit your nails….) appliques. You warm them up. Cut them with ‘stork scizzors’ and away you go. The MINX instructor ‘recommends’ NO TOP COAT (too time consuming after the tech has blown her brains out cutting and pasting that ‘royal stuart’ tartan on your tootsies). That’s Classy.

Minx Nails Pink Cheeta pattern

Pardon my skepticism, but it’s basically a sticker. I mean, with time, even my six year old son could slap these on (If I let him play with scizzors). Matching plaids, however, is another story, but if Minx really wants to impress me, I’ll pay their instructor $1250 to re-paper my kitchen walls. AMEN

Check out their competition.
Apparently patent pending, read ’em and weep.

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