Moa - I've gotten another one

I discovered (yeah, like Christopher Columbus) Moa on my last voyage to Harvey Nichols. It is sold in their ‘Beyond Beauty’ apothecary in two different size jars. Stock up. This stuff is great. It contains tea tree oil and works like the McGuyver of Beauty products. I always loved the way that guy could open tombs with his matchbook cover and a belt buckle. Okay, Moa can’t help you there, but if you have chapped lips, cracked heels, dry skin, flaky anything…well, McGuyver doesn’t want to know (he was pretty Hot as I recall, and much better on primetime than on the soap opera he did)….Moa is produced in Iceland, and I’d love to show you a picture, but they confiscated both my jars at the AIRPORT. Nothing like tossing yet another £89 down the chute. Well, there’s always Crisco.

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