Mon Cuisine–’The Natural Choice’

Vegetarian Breaded Chicken Style (that’s the KEY WORD) Cutlet
Vegetarian Spaghetti and Meatballs
Vegetarian Veal style Schnitzel
Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls….
My Personal Favourite:
Vegetarian Style Grilled Steak

Mon Cuisine frozen entrees

They ring in at about $5.50 a pop–roughly 300 calories each. (And, Mazel Tov…..they’re Kosher)

Mon Cuisine entrees in cart

These entrees are sort of the ‘Holy Grail’ of Veggie ‘Fast Fixin’s’ for me.

I stumbled upon this brand a couple years ago at our local Publix (don’t forget the ‘L’… or you’ll be in a store that is WORLD’S DIFFERENT……)—it was stocked in the frozen food section long enough for me to determine that I liked it. Hence, of course, it was immediately discontinued. This is basically the same concept that I have found holds true for any lipstick that I like. Go Figure.

Anyway, not to be deterred, I went so far as to contact the company in Maspeth, New York (718.894.2000) to attempt to find another grocer toting the line. Nope.

Now, while I am not personally meatless in diet and do not profess to be so…and I Groove to a good Porterhouse with the Best of ‘Em…..I doubt I could seriously be a carnivore if I had to ‘deal’ with the dispatch of my food source. i.e. KILL SOMETHING TO EAT IT……

As it is, I don’t like to look too closely into the butcher’s department at the market (what’s with all that glass encasement, do they really think I wanna pull up a stool and figure out where brisket comes from???). Not that my overall squeamishness has stopped me from buying beef, turkey, or chicken…..but, still, it does give pause.

I did buy the late Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Home Cooking Book (which lies dust covered along side all those other cookbooks paving the way to the Hell of my good intentions…..). To date I have yet to do more than saute some mushrooms.

I’ve sampled some other varieties of vegetarian prepared foods offered in the more Main Stay venues rather than the Health Food stores (my kids head for the hills if they even suspect a bag from an organic market)—for example: ‘Amy’s.’ I do enjoy their version of ‘Shepherd’s Pie’…however, I have enough good British ancestry to beg to differ that it is a) Pie or b) Shepherd’s.

So, onward to the punchline….If you do opt to try this brand, I would suggest Super Target. I purchased three varieties there. The company seems to specialize in Jewish/Ethnic fast foods, but the section included a few of these as well. Perhaps a fluke in distribution? Anyway, I’m sure they will stop procuring it once this post is published. Alas. (and Bon Appetit)

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