Motoko Watanabe

Motoko and NJS at Tokyo Midtown

Ms. Motoko Watanabe made some time for us on a break from her Theatre Production Company in Tokyo.
She is part of a troop that does traditional Japanese dance.
I thought Chanel was expensive, but the typical kimono is $7K plus–that said, one look at the material and the cost becomes clearly evident—the fabric is sumptuous. If only I saw that kind of crafting in the latest CC collection.
On that note, Mr. L. has indeed dropped his prices for ready to wear Cruise 09. The handbags have upped their ante by another 25% (That means that ‘Classic’ you were buying for $1450.00 two years ago after two/three price increases is now over $2200). Happy Happy.
Nonetheless, I digress.

Motoko on stage in traditional costume

Thank you Motoko-san for meeting with us and introducing a different form of art.

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