Mouret for the Gap to benefit AIDS

Roland Mouret, who walked out on HIS signature line at the end of last season — nothing like retiring at the TOP — has designed a limited production line for the Gap to benefit AIDS/red campaign.

The dresses feature his quirky style as melded with dress tailoring perhaps only rivaled by Alexander McQueen.

While H&M generally snags the High Street seller bounty on high profile designers, Mouret targeted a cause and signed with the Gap.

Apparently the treats were only sold in the New York Metropolitan Gap Locations, very limited distribution, we can be sure they will be seen on an ebay auction near you soon.

We’re just waiting to see were Mr. Mouret lands, there must be some very interesting behind the scenes negotiations to land this man as the creative head of a major fashion House. You know, Chloe could use a fearless leader, just a thought. We’ll see.

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