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Move over Godzirra, It’s ‘SHARK-TO-PUS’

Sharktopus DVD by Corman

Brought to you by master of this genre: Roger Corman (Stanford Grad-nudge, nudge Christopher). If you’re going to watch this stuff, watch it right.

Popcorn mandatory, tentacle sex: optional.

(I’m gonna pass until I get to the Chiyoda line)


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One Response to “Move over Godzirra, It’s ‘SHARK-TO-PUS’”

  1. Dan8855 Says:

    Yeh–all the Sealife near the nuclear plant at Fukushima in Japan is gonna look just like that–be careful cherry, watch that tap water & just eat tinned food—you don’t want to sprout tentacles…..LoveYa, Dan

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