Mr. Yuta Sakai, stylist, Pastel Atelier, Shibuya

A whole lot of hair/ a whole lotta time.
For anyone with extensions, the key to the ‘look’ (you know, that ‘thing’ you paid several thousand bucks to achieve…..?) is maintenance.
Harder than it may appear, especially if you travel.
Most especially if you’re me. I should have a buzz cut. I can’t deal with hair. Or more specifically, IT can’t deal with Me.
Therefore, should you find yourself (and your hair) in Tokyo, Pastel Salon is still THE Place to be!

Mr. Sakai at work at Pastel
Mr. Yuta Sakai, stylist — 酒井 雄太 スタイリスト — (Still love Yuu!!!!!!!!l, but since he’s moved to Pastel’s Yokohama outpost, I’m Lovin’ the One I’m With…(doo doo do do do do doo doo.)

I’ve racked up enough hours in his chair to probably qualify as a Great Lengths’ salon Rep.
Unfortunately, I was unconscious for most of the appointment on any given day.
Generally, a two hour date, I began to look forward to this as my nap time.

Yuta Sakai stylist at Pastel works his magic

Sincerely, located conveniently in Shibuya—Pastel offers a range of services and products.
Even for Bo Peep wanna be’s:

Customer at Pastel Atelier Shibuya

Not that THEY can control the requests of their clientele (only the hair please). Alas.

I remember Yuta-san as ‘Sugoi’ (Japanese for ‘Cool’). He’s even stopped correcting me. Our standing 6 PM date EVERY OTHER DAY cemented both my wayward locks as well as my profound admiration for his skills. He was even kind enough to present me with a ruby strand of ‘kira kira’ upon my recent departure back to the US.

Thank you, Yuta-san.

Sakai-san Stylist at Pastel Atelier

Sakai-san with Syusaku Sasada and yumyum at Pastel

所在地 東京都渋谷区宇田川町30-7 アンテナ21ビル 6F

TEL 03-3461-4414

定休日 毎週火曜日

営業時間 AM 11:00~PM 9:00(日曜日のみ~PM 7:00)

受付時間 カット/PM 8:30まで(日曜日のみPM 6:00まで)
パーマorカラー/PM 7:30まで(日曜日のみPM 5:00まで)

Pastel Atelier Tokyo brochure

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