My Creed


No, not a heavy metal band from the 80’s…..

Creed perfume at Tokyo Midtown

My favourite fragrance is probably ‘Spring Flowers’ (and, thank you Wally, but I have enough to last a while)…….

Prince Charles likes ‘Bois du Portugal’….

Do you heed the Creed? (Now I feel a bit like Dr. Seuss.)

By the way, it’s about $225 a bottle now in the U.S. (not as easy as one would think to smell like ‘Portuguese Wood’).

In Paris, just off Avenue Georges V…turn right at the Four Seasons Hotel et VOILA–regardez—diagonally across the street is the small Boutique that is a haven for all things CREED. Check out the shirts and ties, Monsieur—avez vous les ‘cuff links?’. Enjoy.

….and bring your black Amex.

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