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V-Day/D-Day 14 February

Some enchanted evening. For me it’s sort of the finite difference between a ‘slay ride’ and a ‘sleigh ride.’ Homophones aside–I had the pleasure of three Dates on Valentine’s evening last year.


One dashing gentleman took me for a romantic twirl ice skating at the Tokyo Midtown Rink that Volkswagen erected as a promo (maybe they have a hidden orthopedic supply collaboration in the works that I unwittingly played into…..)

Two Dates

—and OH SO UNEXPECTEDLY, I finished off my night in the arms of two handsome strangers…wow, they really got physical with me. They made me feel things that I never had before—(yeah, yeah…don’t we all want to write a Harlequin Romance Novel?)

—and without painkillers, I might add (somehow the Motrin suppository didn’t take the edge off my crushed WRIST being reset in the ER). It made me SWOON…..

Funny Valentine

…it was all so unforgettable.

Note to self: no shoes with blades or wheels, Louboutin is treacherous enough, but I’ve had practice.

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