Naked men in Oven Mitts

Blue Q Naked Men in Oven Mitts magnets

Perfect, dare we say it, for handing those Hot BUNS….ha, ha.

I discovered this little gem at BooksAMillion –next to the ‘Jesus Saves’ section….No Kidding (you’d think the customers would break out in a brawl or have a Salvation Session or something, but everyone was playing nicely).

I liked this enough to go online to see the other deviant ideas the company, BlueQ, has spawned.

BlueQ DIY Porn and Festival of Carbs magnets

I had to buy the ‘Do It Yourself Porn’ kit for all our Japanese friends who just hate Mosaics….Go Heizo.
You just know that bottle would be half full of ‘Royal Salute’ No to mention the finest electronics money can buy…..

Be sure to tune in to next of the series….

Blue Q Naked Men in Oven Mitts close up

Naked men with Lobster Bibs….” Just kidding, but how about Naked Men on Tatami? Stay tuned

Blue Q label

  1. Merle Shamblin
  2. Merle Dean Shamblin
  3. Merle Dean Shamblin
  4. Darryl Gennaro
  5. Blasettatd
  6. detroit deisel
  7. Corrine

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