Not your Grannie’s vintage needlepoint FENDI….

oh, and not the DIY FENDI (OH NO!!!!)
….and, for what it’s worth—NO, you Don’t want to see what I could come up with (it’s so hard to even do counted cross stitch eating a burrito) sigh.

Wanna give some studioskudos to: CHRISTA WEIL, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, The Fashionpreserve!
Ms. Weil has a take on that Vintage bag spin.

….and, well, this rendition sorta captures that charm.
It’s sorta it.
(AND, SORTA NOT IT…well, in terms of that almighty price point—and ‘Tis the Season’…..).

Enter–BERGDORF GOODMAN. (noted: deep bow worthy of a Japanese CEO)

Fendi needlepoint bag from Bergdorfsphoto: BDG

So, black was their option…..$7.2K later?
I should have paid more attention to my needlework.
BLACK, mind you….(the new blue?–NO!!!!!!!!)

Yep, I bought one.
and, true—One of my more interesting acquisitions. (As sung to: ‘Material Girl’)—
not counting Tall, Handsome and Japanese (of course)

So desu—-Okay. Looks a bit frail (not the dude, the bag)
Splotchy needlework (Granny might have given you some demerits there….like did they nod off mid stitch?)
still— overall Lovely.

blue Fendi needlepoint Peekaboo

I sprang for the version in Denim blue with the rose themed pattern over all (and yeah, only one bud in the back z-z-z-z)–the leather details are in a caramel leather and it does possess an authentic charm.

Fendi needlepoint Peekaboo detail

Perhaps as well a la vintage, perhaps not. It is pirouetting in Hermes territory….meaning price points….but how many of the same darned bag can one really own (LOTS and LOTS) sigh. So desu (again)

Verdict—-I’m a happy camper (and still wresting with my tortilla courtesy of Taco Bell).
And therefore, Amen

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