Oatmeal at Starbucks

99 cents or bust.
Now, while $2.49 a pop (unless you buy it in tandem with a coffee beverage) isn’t the greatest sum I’ve foolishly dropped a dime on, this stuff (which can be purchased for $2.49=12 packs….add water) is worthy of a camping trip.

It arrived soupy and kinda sloppy in a cup (nice cardboard container) with requisite spoon and dried fruit/brown sugar. I asked if they (AKA STARBUCKS) had a microwave to zap it into some type of ‘less than pea soup’ consistency. (No). I was told that it was prepared with 200 degree water.

Hey guys….amp it up or toss the recipe. I’ve had better on bivouac.

And, yeah. I was in the Army and did wear combat boots.


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