October Cherry Pick: B. Romanek and vivre.com

B. Romanek's new chained shiny croc handbag

B. Romanek’s bags are sold at Barneys’ New York Exclusively retail and through Vivre on line. Rock Favourite and hard to acquire. Especially in certain colours. She has recently embarked on a chained series. Priced to rival VBH.

a Romanek clutch in a hard to find color

For those of us routinely stranded in parts of suburbia lacking stores with the Finesse of BDG, Jeffrey, Maxfields…well, you know the drill (most of the stores near me have the Finesse of Target and Super Walmart) there are some on line solutions. One of these is Vivre.com. While I don’t agree with all the edits they compile, they do offer a nice range that can be tempting. Especially if you evaluate them with a discerning eye.

I’m not a huge Allegra Hicks fan and I don’t go to Mustique for the season, but some items do have their merit. Browns UK has a good variety (BUT REMEMBER, don’t buy American–it costs more and you’ll pay Duty) and Net a Porter can feature an interesting mix. I prefer Browns at this juncture to Net-a-Porter–NAP was once a mainstay, but it is not as unusual in its selection as it once was and is now shipped from the US.

a pink clutch from Romanek

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