Odyssey Dawn

US, Britain and France bring you: ‘Odyssey Dawn’
No, not a pornographic movie or a new shade of nail polish–though it does sound like the same people have a hand in naming these military campaigns.

So, here we go again.

Now, before you start sending this site emails pertaining to the responsibility that we, as Americans, have to support our military and its efforts–my oldest son is in the Navy (Kudos Damian) but I still view this latest escalating situation with a mixture of respect and trepidation. I was in the Army myself. (98Golf—yeah, you figure it out) –but really, doesn’t the world have enough going on? Can’t someone just take Muammar hat shopping instead (–it might work) He’s ruled the place for four decades, does it need to be now? Not that there’s ever a good time, but c’mon. Pace yourselves.

And, isn’t ‘announcing’ a ‘no fire zone’ sort of like giving Colonel Quaddafi an XYZ-hour ‘Free for All’ period to get stuff started and women and children in place (as in draped on his artillery)? Marquess of Queensberry rules? Good luck boys. This guy plays dirty.

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