Off to Yokohama


Be Still My Heart–The love of my life (Anpanman) will be celebrated at the new Anpanman Children’s Museum in Yokohama, Japan.

While the concept is a bit bizarre (don’t ask too many questions, I mean, Humpty Dumpty is a bit of a reach, too…..)–Anpanman has a head that looks like a bean paste bun. Work with me here….. Okay, well, he’s a bit of an acquired taste, but immortalized with mass marketing in clothing, toy, television, and stationery form throughout Japan.

yumyum's Angry Toast figurine

My favourite character is still ‘Angry Toast’ (not his real name, but I like to think of him that way) Of course, I had a crush on Underdog as a kid, so go figure.

What they really need is a yumyumcherry figure (wearing a Chanel camellia, of course).

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