On Target!

Wow, so I’m checking out of the market and I get a blast from the Past on the endcap.
It’s Quisp.

Quisp cereal

Quaker (the cereal manufacturer responsible for Cap’n Crunch and Tennille (….oh, wrong cap’n but I mean: Did Love Keep ’em Together? Whatever….)

Actually every cereal that they make tastes like Cap’n Crunch, just different shapes. See, we’re on to you at YYC.
This version, Quisp, features a mascot that looks like a fusion critter someplace between “Kazoo’ of the Flintstones (those leaner, later years when Hanna Barbara was getting desperate for viewers) and My Favorite Martian.

Probably pretty decent with milk—frankly, I’ve never tried. I’m a straight from the box sort of gal.



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