On Target

Okay, this is getting a bit close for comfort.

Chloe black patent trench from BDG

Not that I don’t groove to dropping $1200 at Bergdorf Goodman for a SALE Chloe black vinyl trench coat…I mean, the salesgirl didn’t have a pistol pointed at my temple or anything….I gladly forked over the cash (feeling rather self satisfied to have scored the item ON SALE).


So, I’m strolling through TARGET and spy what appears to be—THE EXACT SAME black vinyl trench coat (even the lining is identical) by Mossimo. Sure, the label is different, and Mossimo’s sports snaps instead of buttons (which, by the way, are falling off my $1200 variety…..)….but–YOU DECIDE.

Mossimo black patent trench from Target

Mossimo (sounds a tad similar to Moschino, but hey, what do I know) is one of Target’s house brands. They also sport: Xhiliration (junior line of clothing), Merino (must have ‘offed’ Issac Mizrahi since he is nowhere to be found) and their trendy ‘GO’ line which features more cutting edge fashion forward selections.

P.S. the one at Target is $17.99

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