On The Fly

I feel as if this should be part of a skit from Monty Python’s Flying Circus–but this Parrot is ANYTHING, but Dead……

New Zealand Felon–apparently (ap-parrot-ly) a repeat offender.

Mr. Peter Leach (former Royal Navy Employee) was this JailBird’s latest victim. Mr. Leach paused unsuspectingly to take a picture of a local species of parrot when the perp flew in to steal his cash from the dash.

Said ‘Bird’ made off with roughly $1100 in local currency leaving Mr. Leach with roughly the spare $30 he had tucked into his pants pocket.

Witness to the theft were a Canadian couple who alerted Mr. Leach that they had seen the crime occur.

Police arrived at the scene, but saw no leads on the ‘dirty birdy’–although they informed the victim that his was not an isolated incident (after a pause for the officer’s laughter).

Padding the nest, indeed.

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