Pack your Chute?

Well, according to Net-A-Porter (and I actually went to their London office several years back and met one of their buyers) it IS all about Parachute Silk. Gotta love the fact that in these days of no luggage allowed you can cram an entire ensemble in your pockets for a quick change without looking like you were mailed third class.

Net-a-Porter parachute silk adad:

Chloe is featuring a pretty pink pleated skirt (and indeed, pleats on parachute silk must be akin to MP3 technology for textiles). There’s Matthew Williamson, too…but we won’t expect too much there. Our Matt is fun for a not so cheap thrill but as fashion goes, he went. Whether Karl or the big boys will be turning their designs to the material remains to be seen, but where one goes the others usually tread.

I can’t wait to spend $6K a CC jacket fabricated from $14.00 worth of material and 12 acrylic logo laden buttons (where is my rip cord?). The joys of it all. 1-2-3-JUMP

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