Paging Daniel Henney

Paging Daniel Henney.
(God, I hope that works)

Yobo/say/oh Handsome.
Sa rang hab ni da.

Fate is so cruel…..I lived in Korea for three flippin’ years and never saw anything this Delicious….(okay, well I do love Korean food and crave Baetchu Kimchee, Chop Chae, well, you name it:—I’m writing this for Mrs. Henney’s benefit: as in ‘HIS MOM’…..). Could I babysit Danny?


I watched Shanghai Calling last night (a few times) and the Delicious Mr. Henney plays the role of Sam Chao–a Chinese American Lawyer whose New York Firm ships him off to head their Chinese Office.

The film took a Best Actor award (for Daniel Henney) at the 2012 Shanghai International Film Festival, and Best Screenwriter (for Daniel Hsia) at the 2012 Shanghai International Film Festival as well.

Daniel Henney also won a Best Actor award at the 2012 Newport Beach Film Festival.

Of course, one could say that it’s racist to opt for a Korean Actor to play a Chinese Actor…..but, this is nothing new to the silver screen.

In 2005’s ‘Memoirs of a Geisha‘ Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang plays the Japanese Lead. The Japanese and Chinese have always found “comfort” in one another…..(as is evidenced by episodes documented in Nanjing).

I am now scouring the internet for a DVD of the Korean Drama My Lovely Sam-soon :내 이름은 김삼순. It is a South Korean television drama series which was aired on MBC from June 1, 2005 to July 21, 2005 and touted as the Korean version of Bridget Jones Diary. Hopefully, I nab a copy that will play in my ‘region’—Hey, I don’t even need subtitles–just Freeze Frame. (^0^)

Mr. Henney’s most recent role is as ‘Phil Hayes’ in the recently released film ‘Last Stand.’

That said, I wonder if I like Daniel enough to sit through an hour and 47 minutes of Schwarzenegger? I mean sure—California had to manage it longer–but they voted. And, well….LONG SUFFERING MARIA……? Never mind.

Well, I guess this will be the acid test of Our “New Love.”
Pass the Chigae.

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