Patrick Robinson for Target

As I buy multi-packs of paper towels and gatorade (Thank you, Harvey Keitel) as I await the launch of the Libertine collaboration at Target, I swooped up some of what was obviously another designer that I SHOULD know (didn’t know, but hey, it was a sale)—

Patrick Robinson.

Patrick Robinson for Target skirts

His bio reads interesting for an American designer based in Paris. (He must know Rick Owens –you know, the assumption that all these US guys bunk together and speak poor French.)

Patrick Robinson for Target label

Okay, Mr. Robinson’s primary claim to fame (besides crafting a witty label for his brand(u) was turning Collezioni Armani into a more wearable product. Hey, don’t laugh, it’s a task on par with updating Escada (and no one with take that number on….Margeretha Ley, may she rest in peace.)

Patrick Robinson for Target oxford blue bubble skirt

I like the blue bubble skirt. (Hey, the paper towel pak and gator juice cost me more at checkout combined.)

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