Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle–an endangered Species.
Going the way of Rock Candy, Mallow Pies and Stick Candy?
It used to be sold in boxes in most grocery stores as: Aunt Sophia’s…(I can’t believe I remember that….) but apparently not as commonly distributed as it once was as she apparently stopped making candy in 1996 at the age of 99 (I can’t blame her, I decided to give up cooking in my early thirties…).

I found a few decent batches in Charleston, S. C…..(forget Rocky Mountain Candy, I discovered something texturally and visually too akin to a cigarette filter mid bite to want to brave another batch).

See's Candies kiosk

Behold: See’s Candy. Mall fare at Holiday time and most of the year in California (we even spied an outpost in Tokyo-Shibuya).

I was surprised to learn that the infamous scene in ‘I Love Lucy’ where Lucy and Ethel are amidst mayhem in a candy factory was, in fact, SEE’S.

See's' Peanut Brittle

The See’s Brittle tasted a bit too Peanut Butter and too little Peanut Brittle for my taste.

Publix Supermarket in Florida offers a tin of plain AND chocolate coated varieties (travesty!)–but both varieties lack the thinness of brittle and the texture that Aunt Sophia captured.

Cracker Barrel Restaurant and Stuckey’s both offer PecoPie which is a frisbee sized disc of coconut flakes and peanut brittle–but again, online may be the best option.

Bruttles, here I come. (next stop: Jenny Craig)

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