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Phoebe of Rare Accents

Kudos to talented ‘Phoebe’ (aka ‘Tiffany’) Clum of Rare Accents Salon in scenic (ahem) Palm Harbor, Florida for her tireless endeavour to whip my locks into shape. It does indeed ‘take a Village’ to plaster my locks in place. She makes it all look so easy.

Phoebe of Rare Accents

REAL (and consistent) Talent is hard to find.

I’ve scoured venues in: London (Harvey Nick’s and Harrod’s salons), New York-(Frederic Fekkai), Miami (Ling Chow), Washington, D.C. (Christophe), Los Angeles, (Jose EBER), PARIS (Christophe Robin), Tokyo (Pastel). I have No Choice, I can barely comb out all this hair on my own—forget style…and I can honestly attest to the skill Ms. Clum has exhibited.

Phoebe of Rare Accents

I thank ‘Phoebe’ and you will, too……colour and extension specialty.

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2 Responses to “Phoebe of Rare Accents”

  1. Says:

    Is Phoebe your daughter that I met in Zurich? You look so similar and she seems to love you….Doree…..

  2. StellaBella Says:

    Love (LOVE) ur new liighter hair color. Go Girlfriend-It rocks. Phoebe is a Keeper…….Hey, love the Birkind you sent to me, can I get one in Croco?

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