PINK’S, Los Angeles Dogs

Okay, so it’s a “Legend” in Hollywood.
It even has its own Wiki page.

We saw the line stretched down N. La Brea before we saw the Stand itself.


So, we ordered Chili Dogs, Chicago Dogs, Ozzie Dogs, Martha Dogs, even a hot dog handbag (beaded, of course….)

Pinks LA chili dogs and onion rings

Not just a meal, an adventure.
At the end of the day, I found myself making excuses for my Great American Hot Dog build up to my Japanese friends who probably wondered why all the fan fare. I should’a cooked this stuff at home. It would have been better.

If you do want a decent hot dog without the SAG card, try just about any stand in Chicago…or if you find yourself out and about, try Jimmy’s in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Yeah, a bit of a commute, but lots less hype over a better hot dog.

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