Pirate Couture –not too much Juicy about it…

Rosalina Cap'n Jack

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum (drink the rum first, you’ll need it when you see the price) as envisioned by Rosalina. Cap’n Jack is BACK.

Of course, we blame Johnny Depp and Alexander McQueen for perpetuating ‘ole Jolly Roger,. McQueens’ silk scarf has been a sellout at Retail (Check Maxfields, LA) for a few years. Maybe it’s time to let it Rest in Peace.

Thomas Wylde (a female designer who named her design line as a tribute to her Grandfather) is a staple favourite of Sienna Miller, et al. She has enough floor space at Harvey Nicks alone to merit mention.

Loree Rodkin does a full range of white gold, black diamond/white diamond baubles as a tribute to skeletal anatomy because you’re bound to get sick of the ‘Fleur de Lys’…..eventually.

Shelley Litvak has practically made a career of doeskin leather with skull and crossbone patches and stitched detailing–to the extent of giving some of her versions a patch over one eye–Shiver Me Wallet.

And, let’s not forget Libertine (Try though we may, is this a one trick Pony or what?). Once the mainstay of quirky adapted menswear—their prêt a porter targeted line is now featured in Barneys, Jeffrey, et al this past Fall adorned aplenty with crystal skulls as were their cashmere sweaters (hope Master Lucien Pellat-Finet is getting a cut of royalties here….)

Lucien Pellat-Finet's horned devil

A little Pirate action goes a long way. Har De Har. Walk the Plank.

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