“Praise Cheeses”

¥1,650 later (aka $20)
Mama always warned me about eating stuff covered in green fuzz….

Kyo Hayahiya matcha cheesecake

Enter the World of KYO HAYASHIYA

and, I quote:

‘A cafe with a lineage that can be tracked back to a teahouse established in 1753. Relax as you enjoy the original Japanese sweets featuring powdered or roasted green tea accompanied with fine quality teas.’

Kyo Hayashiya green tea cheesecake slice

Frankly, that’s a lot of green tea. Even if you like the stuff, it’s a lot of tea. And–I’m not sure I ever did the mental gymnastics required to envision my cheesecake like that…FYI, I blasphemously added that berry to the slice…..(remember, BYOB).

Undoubtedly quite sublime, but completely lost on my palate. That said, it makes a lovely hostess gift and IF (this is the escape clause) you should find yourself a guest in a Japanese household someone WILL BE thrilled to receive this…..just hope they serve it Later.

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