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Predator & Prey

With Brian of Predator & Prey

Our salt water tanks are maintained by Predator & Prey

Debbie Miller (and husband Brian-she gets top billing because he’s a Sagittarius) own/operate Predator & Prey Aquarium Maintenance. Experts in the care and maintenance of salt water fish; they’ve nursed our Lion and Puffer from the brink, dealt with bad chillers, the works. Of course, I had to have a predator as well as a ‘Nemo’ tank. Ask about the Snowflake eel.

Our healthy Lionfish, thanks to Predator & Prey

If you are seriously considering getting TANKED, give them a call!
813. 713.3170

Note to self: This is an expensive hobby***** not my own, I might add.

Think in terms of two less Chanel jackets from ‘08P, one less Togo Birkin, and just forget about those Blahniks you chose in rose crocodile.

Happy Birthday, Debbie!

Happy Belated Birthday to Capricorn Debbie!
January 1st (….just not ‘Baby New Year’)

Brian and Debbie Miller
Predator & Prey Aquarium Maintenance
813 713 3170
or email at:

Thanks for a job well done!

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2 Responses to “Predator & Prey”

  1. Snapping Turtle Says:

    Looks like a winning combination of people who like fish and fish who like people! If I was in Florida, I’d set up a tank!

  2. CrashNBurn Says:

    People do need to use caution with many species routinely sold in the UK and I would imagine in America–in event that they have allergic reactions to some of the defenses these more exotic tropical fish use. When I was living in Queensland, many of the towns posted cautions to deter people from touching the sea life (which they should not do in any case) but quite a few people have experienced serious reactions to toxins.

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