More Bling for your Bing! new and gently loved fashion props and favorites


Some days, I wonder if I should toss in the fashion towel and just loll at the Onsen (Hey, that could work…..)

Matchmaking aside, I do get so many requests from other Western women with an appreciation for all things Asian (Oh, Jet Li—baby, that means YOU) that we at YYC want to provide another resource for our friends!

Check out Terrific multi-national focus and again, all comers welcome.

We were thrilled to discover them as a resource—hey, you should be, too…..

After all, it’s the YEAR OF THE RAT.

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2 Responses to “ProAzn”

  1. DavidRodrieguez Says:

    I don’t understand all the Asian focus. Your a fashion site rite? Isn’t it supposed to be from France or Italy?

  2. HeleneAutours Says:

    I think Mr. Rodrieguez misses the point. Fashion is of the world and a state of being which is always changing (a la mode). And, I, sir, am French. I thank you yumyumcherry for a global focus. Helene

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