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You’d Best MIND THEM even if you don’t know what they are. I mean, how many people really MIND THE GAP. And what is this Gap? I remember growing up and we had the ‘Generation Gap.’ Now I’m at the early bird dining hour here in Florida with everyone I thought I had that with…..Reality Bites.

Whether you think you know it all, or really do–manners count. In this age of e-everything, we still have to interface with other humans, and it helps to have a code.

Why bother dressing well if your demeanor betrays you? Don’t you dare eat off the buffet table. After all, even if you got away with it at home, the chances are that someone (someone higher on that Food Chain…and we don’t mean another diner who has already been served their entrée) is watching.

Impressions make a big difference; you get ten seconds if you’re lucky (and how lucky are you?) to make that first one. It sticks. You may not.

Remember, Yummy Knows Best

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