Reed Krakoff

Collared sandal by Reed Krakoffphoto: Reed Krakoff

This took me a while to fathom.
Epiphany — Reed Krakoff=Coach.
Gotta love the machine. Those wheels turning to ante up the price points.

Just as strictly an editorial opinion–I don’t like Reed Krakoff and not surprisingly, I don’t like Coach.
Was this some mechanism to extract the snob appeal from the people that turn their collective noses up at the Coach fare?
Because if you’re out of high school and you get a Coach product, you’re not going to be effused with enthusiasm.
Not that they don’t knock THAT off in Chinatown, too (I mean, they’ll copy Juicy).

Back to Reed Krakoff (if we must).
So…. I started to spy it here and there at SAKS (exclusively–and THEY REALLY WANT TO IMPRESS THAT UPON US, AND HEY, IT’S JUST DANDY BY ME…..)
Lucky Saks.

Reed Krakoff sandalphoto: Reed Krakoff

Shoes, Bags, and (ostensibly) Ready to Wear.
(when you’re ready….IF you’re ready)
I’m not ready.

You probably shouldn’t be either.

While Mr. Krakoff’s pedigree is impressive, Parsons School of Design and all those other bells and whistles that mean Anna Wintour will look….ONCE…..
It still looks like Coach to me. (even before I knew it was) but Coach is, well….Coach. A known quantity that I may not like, but it’s not going anywhere and when you see it….you can pretty much gauge the department store budget.
Let’s just say, they probably don’t stock Chanel, for example.

But, not so REED KRAKOFF.

I thought it was a design team….more like Proenza Schouler than ZAC POSEN for example, but no—all the ‘Glory’ belongs to one creative genius. The one that drives the Coach….(ha ha)

Coach sells.
As leather goes it’s probably pretty good if you don’t want to toss money at the French (and God Knows Louis Vuitton isn’t bending down to pick up spare dollars).

Let’s all line up for the new shoes to start with….and I know that the reserve list must be high with boar hair ankle bands being as ‘in demand’ as they are….
doesn’t the diffusion line generally come AFTER the signature line?
Just a thought.

P.S. The shoes are $850 a pop. Better order several of each.

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