Ren Neroli and Grapefruit Eau

A Few of My Favourite things… (not that I’m bursting into song atop the Mountains of Austria) Naturally, this list changes almost as soon as it’s typed–oh FICKLE Heart….but do let us know at YYC if you find something AMAZING because we’re finding things everyday!!

Ren's delightlful Neroli and Grapefruit eau

LOVE, LOVE REN. I buy this botanical line in London–Harrod’s has a nice travel kit as an intro to the products. My fave, of course, is NOT sold through retail venues — with the exception of people on ebay who have pirated it from British Airways. Naturally, B/A has the exclusive rights to the fragrance.

Of course, Shiver Me Timbers, I have made off with several atomizers of the stuff myself. I leave the cabin w/c looking like I’ve developed an odd, spritzer shaped tumour. Ah well.

Of course, they have more than gotten us for it because, Kids, it’s only in First. Business gets Molton Brown goods and Economy…well, they get b/a soap (of course, they’ve saved at least $4K a ticket, so they can buy their own sundries and have a few quid to spare.

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