Rigby and Peller…

…or how I discovered I was a 34 F. (Sounds like a job code with the Army.)

While this brand may not sport the most tempting fare from a strictly fashion eye, the foundation that their bras provide will be well worth your visit.

We visited the store next to Harrod’s Exit Krispy Kreme–c’mon, you know you’re there — and make a left. Cross the street (watch for cars) and voila, Rigby & Peller.

It’s a small storefront crammed with merchandise, and drawers chocked full. Take a number. (Yes, Really). While the entire process is a bit daunting, the staff is professional, nimble and polite. They take all sorts of ratios into account when fitting. Arm to neck, shoulder to ribcage, you name it.

The result is perfection in fit. Not for him. FOR YOU. It may not be the most provocative lingerie that you’ll ever don, but it will be the most comfortable and supportive. We especially recommend it for larger sized gals with more ample bust lines. It works. Instant relief from that backache without the scalpel. May not be a permanent solution, but an excellent alternative.

Also sold though Bergdorf Goodman or Cindy Hansen @ Neiman Marcus Mazza Gallery (one of the best lingerie selections in the NM Chain). We would suggest that you get a proper fitting — R&P deploys their staff to train in the US on that fine art of measurement. Usually, there will be an ‘event’ that you can arrange to schedule your own fitting. Worth the time.

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