Rock On Gold Dust Woman

Rock On Gold Dust Woman……(thanks, Stevie)

the elaborately detailed Lainey(click to enlarge)

This masterpiece of golden embroidered knitting was spun by Lainey Keogh–mistress of all things yarn. We discovered this amazing taupe-on-grey-on-bronze-with-gold coat at Kapsiki, (561) 832-7432, 235B Worth Avenue, Palm Beach.

we bought this Lainey collectible at Kapsiki

While the pricing may seem worthy of something more 22 Karat (what’s $7400 plus tax among friends), the craftsmanship is evident enough to force even the most discerning eye to admit that the hours of work is there…..Hey, I spent days trying to finish a scarf that wound up looking more like North America (especially by the time I’d added about sixty knit/purl numbers trying to tie it off the needles) than a muffler.

this Lainey could dress the set on The Tudors(click to enlarge)

I save this heavy duty stuff to the experts. (this is the disclaimer that usually follows warning you not to try this at home). Now, where is my feather Boa and platform boots, I’m ready for the Fleetwood Mac revival tour.

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