Rolando and How I got “into” Chanel


Mr. Rolando Gonzales …aka….How I got “into” Chanel. Sigh, Rolando. Where to begin? I fondly remember meeting Mr. Gonzales at the ‘Chanel Boutique’ inside Saks Fifth Avenue of Bal Harbour in 1993 WITH MY MOTHER (yes, really). He hasn’t aged a bit–(why have I?) and still manifests the charisma that enables you to see what he’s envisioning for you. And, he’s right. Poise your checkbook, baby.

Chanel quilted bag with gold tassel - purchased from Rolando

Many dollars and (let’s not really count EITHER) years later, I am now completely addicted to the wares of M. Lagerfeld of CHANEL. Rolando sold me my first Chanel black diamond quilted lambskin handbag with gold chain and tassel. He created a monster and honed my taste. He doesn’t sell you what doesn’t work, and even if he doesn’t HAVE inventory to suit your needs, he can direct you to it. Priceless. Thank you.

Rolando is a consummate professional, a masculine version of Antonio Banderas. His personal suggestions have pulled together some of the most stylish women on South Beach and beyond; he can immediately envision your ‘Look’ and in his capable hands, you are transformed. Voila!

Schedule your Appointment at Saks Fifth Avenue, 1.305.865-1100. Fifth Avenue Club. It may be the BEST call you’ve ever made.

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