Sadly, Wonder(s) do cease

Wow–84 years of Hostess Brands.

(Good news for my Pancreas and Hips)

I guess the reality of the company’s Labor (and Bakery Delivery) woes didn’t register with me until I hit the Hostess Thrift Bakery.

Wonder Bakery Thriftshop

The shelves were Bare. They were selling off pallets of ‘donettes’—those small chocolate coated or powdered rings that take four years to digest (just eat the cellophane package, too… really doesn’t matter).

Not a Twinkie, Cupcake (unless we count the ‘orange’ variety…..and I’m not) or loaf of white ENRICHED bread in sight. Oh yeah, there were some Zinger’s (Dolly Madison Bakery acquired by the former Baking Giant but marketed under their original name)—but, that’s not the same.

Hostess treats

Not that that stopped me from buying them………….(what’s next? Little Debbie?)

The strike against Hostess Brands led by its labor union in November crippled the Brand leading to its demise.

Down the Drain–Of course, on November 29 a federal bankruptcy judge finalized the liquidation of Hostess with a provision for a 1.75 MILLION bonus to be dispersed to basically 19 company Executives with the provision of managing the Company’s wind down.

Hopefully those well compensated ‘Ding Dongs’ are more skilled at that task than they have demonstrated with their combined business and labor acumen.

Of note: Greg Rayburn-CEO–did rule out a bonus for himself. I’m not too worried.

1.75 Million represents a LOT of cream filling. Ho Ho indeed.

Okay, so I prefer to shell out for Chanel rather than my secret addiction to Ho Hos.

Without revealing my prehistoric past, I will admit that I purchased Twinkies (while in my mother’s womb, of course) in the late ’60’s for 12 Cents a pack.

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