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Sakura American Style

Sakura American Style-100 years worth of hanami in America.

Cherry Blossoms galore, the Annual festival in Washington runs from March 20-April 27. Those “sakura” blossoms are popping all around the DC Basin area courtesy of a mild winter.

yumyumcherry blossoms, of course

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3 Responses to “Sakura American Style”

  1. walter Says:

    LOL wallystillluvsit.
    are these trees the same as the ones you watch in tokyo?

  2. yumyum Says:

    You Know, Wally–(^0^)
    It never evokes quite the same feeling for me as it does in Japan. The networks used to track the blossoms on the news. Now, they track radioactive breezes. It’s sad.

    But Ueno Park is exquisite and Kyoto’s trees along the river are undisputably gorgeous.


  3. Yuriko Says:

    If you go on the JICC Embassy site for DC, you can see their calendar of events! This Friday we tie kimono!

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