Salt vs. Inception

At the end of the day, they both offer the same existentialism. It’s just, well, I’d rather sleep with Ange.

Okay, I watched Inception (twice–through no fault of my own.) Happily, it made more sense to me than Shutter Island.

No, I’m not a DiCaprio fan–although I did see him sitting on the steps of the St. Regis NY in a ball cap smoking a cigarette. It made me wanna go get a pirated copy of ‘The Titanic’ to see if he’d autograph it…..but, that said, for some reason the only films that I (up to Salt—maybe WHY I liked Ms. Jolie so much in comparison) was invited to attend were both Leo’s.

Anyway, I know scores of sites or blog commentaries exist to sort out the mystery that is Inception. I think Mr. Knight just needed to panel his rec room. (Spinning tops aside)


Salt? Hey….where’s Pepa. ha, ha. I enjoyed that. I heard that it was initially a role intended for/by/with Tom Cruise. Definitely a Star vehicle. It barely carried itself with the cast that it had. More of a high carb/calorie treat with less nutrition than ‘Inception’…but, as Dr. Weston says ‘Sometimes you just want a Happy Meal’. THE END

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