Samatha Brick–”beautiful” (so we are told) AND VERY, VERY MODEST INDEED

Quote: ‘ten out of ten men at a dinner party would find her attractive, as she defended her controversial belief that women hate her for her “lovely looks.” ‘

While I admit prior to the maelstrom that she provoked online by her published statement–I’m not entirely sure what her frame of reference is….certainly not Hollywood, New York, Tokyo, or Miami. Maybe she should consider relocating for peace of mind. She could take up sculpting and make busts of herself as therapy (a la Schroeder on Charlie Brown), of course, she probably doesn’t play the piano. It might want her to play it, but she can’t be responsible for that either.

This harkens back to an old L’Oréal advertisement: Kelly Le Brock (remember her?)-
‘Don’t Hate me because I’m Beautiful.’

…later Segal did indeed apparently find something that he wasn’t thrilled with because he had a fling with their babysitter. Ah, that’s a different story. (and a ‘Classy’ one at that). Frankly, I never thought that she was all that good looking, not a troll, but not what I would become a lesbian for…..(now Ange, you can call me anytime).

It seems that Ms. Brick’s radial assertion became even more galvanized after receiving a flurry of emails via twitter, the Telegraph mail (which originated the piece). She allowed that she had anticipated that her comment would ‘set her up for a fall…’ but, that she felt that it was a ‘taboo that needed shattering.’ We aren’t sure exactly what taboo she is referring to, one gathers that it alludes to prejudice against women who are attractive.

Yale College begs to differ. As do findings at Princeton. And, lest the deck be too stacked, Oxford.

In fact, there is a voluminous amount of data to the contrary of the statement that Ms. Brick is making. Of course, I could conclude based on the material laboriously tested, retested, analyzed, double blind studied, blah blah blah… well as the practically unanimous response to her assertions…well….. that she is perhaps not as attractive as she might believe that she is—or that (dare I say it)–within the realm of human attraction there is something beyond the first ten seconds of assessment with which she alienated anyone who might have considered her lovely before she began tooting her own horn.


If not that–perhaps our “Sam” just isn’t particularly photogenic.

So, while ‘Beauty’ May be ‘in the eye of the beholder’ I think perhaps:

‘Pretty is as Pretty does’ might also apply.

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