Serge Lutens Makeup Line goes to Saks, Dubai

Of course, adrift in the ocean of cosmetic brands Harrod’s stocks–I recall stumbling across the Serge Lutens line, Nécessaire de Beauté, (their main perfume based fare is featured more front row, centre) in the same room that hosts REN Cosmetics and all those Alexandre de Paris overpriced barrettes. (Which, truth be known, is why I was there.)

I asked about a secreted case I saw stashed behind the Origins register, VOILA, Serge appears…c’est magie….Literally, the assistant guarding this box like it was a briefcase of plutonium ushers me to a private space to show me the mystery that is….Serge.

Well, let’s unveil this baby with no further ado….the line is the overpriced equivilent of Clé de Peau (which I never dreamed I’d be able to type one day)….the colours are not honed to anglo saxon complexions. I was not surprised to read in the recent press that the new wave of Lutens into the World (other than Barneys’ NY) would be Saks, Dubai. Having been there in the past six months, I think they’ve picked a winner.

I was given this sample of A La Nuit for looking at Lutens makeup line at Harrods

I have always viewed Mr. Lutens’ fragrance collection to be on the heavy (read: dead) side. In three days, I had the opportunity to shop over five perfume boutiques a l’arabe. I almost tossed cookies in the last one. Not a good move, not as bad as Bush vomiting on a head of State (Japanese. no less). but UNcool. Very.

Try it if you find that BAN, Secret, Axe, Arrid and the rest just can’t seem to muffle whatever you are emiiting, otherwise, run—not walk—-past that counter. Especially if you have recently eaten. Word to the wise from YYC.

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