Shanghai Surprise

Shanghai Surprise (Madonna, eat your heart out…as if you have one….ouch.)

Okay, enough ‘Madge’ bashing…
Shanghai was indeed a surprise. Last visit (2005) was lukewarm. Grudgingly, I’ll admit, they seem to have gotten at least part of their act together. Perhaps the flames of the pending Olympic torch have even reached as far south as Shanghai. In any event, while the construction boom (MIND BOGGLING) continues, the overall experience seems to have been tidied up, but not sanitized.

Discussing Fashion with Qi Rong in Shanghai

Nanjing Road. Who can resist this landmark passage that throws back to those Imperialistic days…sort of like the ‘Bund.’

Looking for inspiration with Qi Rong

YYC thanks to Mr. Liu Wei and Ms. Qi Rong for sharing their knowledge of the city—Cantonese dialect—and love.

Shanghai mascot

While we had resisted the concept of visiting Shanghai again, we are now looking forward to the Encore. Much more user friendly in the western Sense of the word. More people speak English willingly here than in Tokyo. Trust us on this one.

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