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Now it’s time for the clothing to have it’s own Comeback Tour. Icon Cher –as well known for her choices in fashion, design and dubious men– is participating with Sotheby’s in an auction of some of her collection of truly gorgeous religious and medieval interior decorations as well as garb designed for her by famed Bob Mackie.

black net Bob Mackie gown with multicolored dots
photo: Julien’s Auctions
The preview for this event was held at the Beverly Hilton on 28 September —the auction itself is to be conducted on 4-5 October. I had the pleasure of viewing a catalogue for the event. Cher was very determined to do more than merely provide the items for sale; she designed much of the layout of the catalogue and promotion.

She is parting with some truly special jewelry–much Loree Rodkin or LR inspired pieces as well as furnishings. One source said that as her 60th birthday paseed, she decided to re align the signature style that she has maintained for many years and is going for a different look. Frankly, I’d be afraid to tamper with anything if I looked that firm at 60–and she does, and whether you agree with her or not, in person, you’d be awed. Cher is also a very decent individual having stood by many people and causes that were less than celebrated as popular. I ‘BELIEVE’….P.S. Thank You.

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