Sharon Khazzam

Sharon Khazzam

Truly one of the most talented artists that we’ve met–Sharon’s medium is jewelry. She’s based in London with her primary workspace in New York.

She is well known for her creation of confection-like strands of semi precious/precious stones (dubbed -‘Baby Necklace,’ or ‘Baby Bracelet’) —

Sharron Khazzam Baby Earrings and Baby Necklace

Available exclusively at Barneys’ New York (212.826-8900–ask for Joan Molder–tell her Yumyumcherry sent you!!)

Ms. Khazzam embarked on her career through a stint at Asprey where she created their signature ‘Sunflower’ earrings.

Her family background is Persian and she finds unique ways to incorporate nature with some of the choicest jewels this side of Her Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth.

yumyumcherry's World Pendant by Sharon Khazzam with Barneys ad

I fell in love with her globe necklace (see her Daryl Hannah-esque ad)–for me, she created a pendant featuring a ruby in Florida and another ruby in Japan. Home is where the heart is… is fashioned of platinum, 18k matte white gold and 18k yellow gold. The continents are inlaid with a pavé of yellow diamonds.

Reverse of Sharon Khazzam World Pendant with rubies in Florida and Japan

While it could look to some a tad ‘Pan Am’ logo–for me, it is symbolic of all the time I spend here and yon…Not to mention all those frequent flier miles I need to use before they expire. Perfection–Thank you again Sharon (and, of course, Joan M. Love you Both).

Custom earrings by Sharon Khazzam to wear with her World Pendant

Ms. Khazzam’s work is competitvely priced (think Renee Lewis, Cartier). Of course, the craftsmanship and custom specialization that she incorporates into her designs is as rare as the gems that she selects. She has tirelessly modified pieces to my specifications–adjusted, when needed. Heirloom creations, these are not trinkets, they are investments.

Sharon Khazzam Pendant of Light

The beautiful sketches that she drafts of each piece pre-production in watercolor and pencil merit a gilded frame.

So Fellas, if you truly want to make an impression on that discerning woman, this could be your best (and perhaps most costly, but you must have exquisite TASTE or you wouldn’t be dating a woman who could appreciate either you or this gift) choice yet.

Bee Earrings by Sharon Khazzam with Barneys ad

Ho, Ho, Ho indeed.

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